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Restaurants and Bars around the island will entice our taste buds with Creole-style cuisine, amazing rum punch and so much more. Our most festive times are Carnival, World Creole Music Festival, and Jazz & Creole
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Infinity Restaraunt, Picard Beach Cottages - Located on-site, there is nowhere more convenient.Great drinks, delicious food, and a big screen tv. 


Wave Dancers Water Sports, Picard Beach - An obstacle course on water plus kayaks and paddleboards make any day a more fun day. Add that it is a short walk down the beach and has a Beach Bar -- we have it made

Bars in Picard: 

The Lounge - Mood lighting, air conditioning, sensual music, and tasty drinks

Tulips Bar - The spot to be on weekends 

Banana Boat - Fun, open, breezy bar that is pumping, every night

Bars in Portsmouth:

One-Pot Bar - A great vybe place from Roseau opens its second location in Portsmouth. Located on the main highway, the repurposed container is hard to miss. 

Madi Bar - Beach-side Restaurant and Bar

Fish Shack - Hidden gem, amazing food, great music!

Mapau Casino - Spend some money on the slots with drinks in one hand and cash in the other.

U & H Restaurant - Very local mini lunch spot with delicious local food in the heart of Portsmouth. 

Polos Restaurant - Another great local spot in the quaint lanes of Portsmouth.

Sevy's Bar - Second-floor chill spot with exotic drinks and a fun environment.

Events in the North:

Reggae Night, at the Indian River - Every two weeks on a Saturday you can join the chill local scene at Reggae night, only 5-minute car ride away. 

Purple Turtle - Sunday hype on the beach and Wednesday night Reggae music!

Creole in the North, Indian River - Independence Celebration can be seen in Portsmouth as well with excitement happening on November the 3rd, every year.

Jazz n' Creole - Jazz artists from around the world mix their melody with the Caribbean creole beats to create spunky and majestic sounds.

Portsmouth Carnival - Carnival Launch and Carnival Days are celebrated all over with Portsmouth putting its own flavour into Mas Dominique

Events in Roseau and the South


World Creole Music Festival, Roseau - Three nights of music from around the world that has been influenced by Caribbean, Latin, African, French or Black culture


Creole in the Park, Roseau - Getting ready for The Festival are three days of afternoon excitement in the Botanical Gardens

Mas Dominique, Roseau - Carnival celebrated with its traditional roots

Dive Fest, Souffiere - PADI Travel has stated that Dominica has some of the top 5 dive sites in the world, and we celebrate that with a week of dive related activities

Village Feasts - Once or Twice a month, one of the many villages of Dominica will host their annual feast. Usually, you will find local food, drinks, pageants, performances, games, and music. 

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